The hinge may be 800 years old but,,,,,,,,,

Hedged door

We all use door closers, but last week in Tuscany, I came across an alternative door closer detail, I saw in Tuscany, it was a simple devise that was fitted on the very bottom of a medieval door to a ground floor room. It consisted of a offset bar that thrower the base of the door out, lifting the far edge of the ground, so it did not catch on the uneven ground.

Plus it acted as a simple door closer pulling the door back into place as long as it was not passed the 90 deg point after which it pulled the door to 180 deg.

A simple detail that did the job, the only problem was the un controlled banging of the door as it shut, but hey, this building was built, or at least was started in 1200

I have added other photos to my Flickr site, it you want more of the hinge or of the castle I went to, all the photos are geo tagged.

Just because the detail is so old it codes not mean its not to be considered, or learned from.