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Architectural Technologist – Long day at Book Fair

Country Blog hits Jan-April2012
Country Blog hits Jan-April2012 (Photo credit: Scays)

Well I logged into Google hangout, but no takers, but as they say, early days, I have also as a trial loaded up a new feature to send twitter posts on anything done to theis site, so hopefully, I ‘ll be getting more towtter posts up again.


As for tommorrow, I wil be at the Badersley Clinton Book fair all day, seems like a good idea to help out, if the weatyher holds, other wise, we’ll see !

As for next week, I’m at grand designs Live at Excell on Monday, if you plan to attend., please drop by and say hello.



Don’t forget, I will host a tech hangout every Friday at 3 pm, call in to chat, moan,find out something, anything to do with Architectural Technology. follow me on Google + “+stevescaysbrook”


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Architectural Technologist – I have seen the future (And it’s made of glass)

concrete gutter
concrete gutter (Photo credit: Scays)

The title for today’s early blog is one I have borrowed from the article by By , on the Computerworld Site. It’s an article any Technologist should read, just because he’s right about the future of glass. I went on about it recently and do not intend to repeat myself, but I can’t help it, glass is going to be fundamental in our, or perhaps your future. the flexibility and the ability to take printing, means circuit boards can easily be built up within the glass layer.

Google‘s vision of glasses, means that the data and way we draw is also going to be important, how we allow this data into the open world is a question I keep on asking, should it be via Google Earth or another means, I prefer the Google earth approach, so what ever means we choose to draw with has to have some backend method of exporting to Google earth, together with all the data we generate, which bring me into BIM.

And at long last I can see the future for BIM, its glass, driving, easy computer screens, driving information, requiring us, the Architectural Technologists of the world to work out how to export our data rich drawing to none other than Google, or at least a system where Google or something like it, to suck up the drawing and disseminate it to passing pedestrians, who are being fed the information to their glases.

OK it might not be that bad, but you get my point,millions of spec’s of sand, heated to form a translucent sheet will drive the next big change and give BIM & 3D meaning, which sadly it lacks at present, being controlled and maipulated by to many interested parties.

The Scifi pundit have already started to think about it, recent television shows, have police or special agents !, walking into buildings with their phones bringing up wire maps of almost any building, mmmm who or what would generated this wire frame 3D picture, I doubt it would be from records kept by planning offices, they are notoriously inaccurate, often being a few years out of date. No it should be from public domain records or from say Google Earth. Obviously data for certain building needs to be kept secure, but for many a building it should be open, and all this driven by glass, who would have thought it.


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Architectural Technologist – Evernote and Skitch and Entrepreneurship

Image representing Evernote as depicted in Cru...
Image via CrunchBase

I am a major fan of Evernote, I use it a lot now, just because I can use it on my ipad as well as my Mac, I can save pages I visit, make notes, and tag then to my hearts content, plus I have found Skitch, which works on the iPad, and allows me to annotate and mark up items, like screen grabs I have made, this is excellent as I often have to save to Evernote any page I’m following and make notes, but with Skitch I can add lines,,text, what ever to a screen grab and save it to Evernote right from within Skitch. In my CPD listing I have a link cell this was to be only for google docs, but now it has changed to become a general link, mostly for Evernote.

But what brought me to Skitch was the  keynote presentation made by Phil Libin @ tnw2012, it is an interesting presentation on why you should not be an entrepreneur, or be in entrepreneurship, and as an entrepreneur who has started three companies, believe me what he says is right.

Back to the tnw2012 (The Next Web 2012 ) video below, have a look at the rest of the videos, they are quite good, lots of people talking about deals, ways of working, the web, code and above all Entrepreneurship.

I have also added a very useful video of using Evernote, simple and very effective.


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Architectural Technologist – Google Drive


Google Chrome
Google Chrome (Photo credit:

I am currently trying out Google Drive and will give it a week of use to get the feel for it, before I comment further, but in the mean time have a look and listen, to “This week in Google”, see below, it’s a good overview of the drive, from general use, though to the much talked about legal side.



Does it or will it enhance my Google Use, I think so, I use the spreadsheet and documents side a lot. Plus I share and collaborate with clients and my partners on doc creation, so having a drive for my Google stuff is interesting.











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Architectural Technologist – Print to kindle

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...
Cover via Amazon

I know I have gone on about the kindle in recent weeks, but, this little gem from Amazon allows you to both drop a variety of file formats on the icon or app to transfer them to you kindle, or print to your kindle, the link I provide is Mac only. Once you have loaded up the app, it puts the usual icon onto your desktop bar, and also adds a “print to Kindle” to your print menu.

I tried out both with two separate documents, one, my construction dictionary, I have been keeping up to date with termanology, I printed the complete 25 page document to my Kindle and also transfered another technical document I have been writing, by the time I have done this, collected the post from the doormat it was there on my iPad.

The transfer is free via WiFi but cost a modest amount to transfer vis wisper sync, I suppose because it uses their (free ) G3 telephone system !, all the same to me, it worked a treat over my wifi.

So you have both the email to your kindle for pdf, or now print or drag and drop , just excellent.

CPD is obvios really, I create lots of small technical documents and this is a neat way to transfer them to my Kindle account. Plus I tried it out on a Vectorworks atlas I have done for a large estate, again no problem, A4 in landscape mode printed just fine, no interaction though, ie goodreader.


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Architectural Technologist – Gorilla Glass explained

Gorilla. Close Up.
Gorilla. Close Up. (Photo credit: vladdythephotogeek)

I happen to see this video from corning today and thought I would share it. Basically I have been going on about Gorilla glass being used in construction for some time, I think this video from Corning shows why. The flexibility, the shear strength both in impact and flexibility make it a must for new product design, and as a means to get the interaction shown in their videos, plus, the ability to print onto the glass with conventional pronting press is stunning, and all because it can flex to quite tight radiuses.

Let’s not degrade this flexibility and ability to take print, its a major design area, and one we as Technologists should be well placed to innovate in, from solar shades to extension roofs, to conservatories, to wall linings, all are open to some use of this cleaver material, and well worth some CPD time to innovate and pull ideas together.


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Architectural Technologist – Kindle support for pdf documents

Third generation Amazon Kindle
Third generation Amazon Kindle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For a lot of reasons, I like to use Kindle to read on, mostly because it’s whisper sync is so good, but because you can read the text on the kindle device so easily in the sun, although I use the iPad for general day to day use and the Kindle App, but up until recently I had to use the iBook app to read pdf docs. I just happen to be reading some info about sending pdf docs via email to your kindle account, tried it out and it works a dream and it’s very quick.

First, get into your kindle account on Amazon, go to the personal settings go to the Approved Personal Document E-mail List and add the email addresses you want to use to send pdf’s to your kindle, onces done, all you have to do is attach any pdf’s to an email,  I did it with two large files on one email, and send, then go to your kindle device and check in the cloud and there they are, click to send up and your away, excellent.

Why am I going away from iBooks, mostly because this method of working suites me better, second the reading in sunlight bit, and third, I just think, Amazon is better at handling books better than Apple, after all they have been doing it longer, and their app works far better for me, than the iBook, plus their selection of books is always better, plus and here’s the biggy, they are so much better at taking my books and selling them.


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Architectural Technologist – Hot tips for Google Doc’s

Image representing Google Docs as depicted in ...
Image via CrunchBase

I use Google Docs for lots of things, my diary, writing, pdf storage, linking, sharing, so when ever I see a page showing hot tips for it’s use, I’m straight in, and this link to Educational Technology guy is just great, with some nice tips.

I use the spreadsheets to great effect with my CPD records, linked into my blog, I use the slides, I use the spreadsheet to record drawing updates, linked to PDF, loaded up to the site, I write, collaborate with others writing, link in Youtuibe videos and attach to Google Plus, so lots to use and any tip is worth reading.

In fact the whole site is worth linking into, just because of my teaching of Construction to students.



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Architectural Technologist – Fastcompany’s 30 second MBA

Regional 17428, Estação de Briançon, 2011.07.24
Regional 17428, Estação de Briançon, 2011.07.24 (Photo credit: nmorao)

I like these 30 sec MBA videos, they are tight and to the point, this on on FastCommpany is about Change, why !.

Follow the video back to youtube to watch more.

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Architectural Technologist – Tinted Windows that Generate Electricity

Leaded window
Leaded window (Photo credit: Scays)

The headline I have use for this blog is not new, I have seen several new types of PV coating like paints and new cloths that do exactly the same, and for that matter, I have also seen glass do exactly the same, but this new venture looks a little more promising, first the backing it has, Bosch, BASF, and others,   raising 28 million euros so far. second the amount of power being generated.

Heliatek the company based in Dresden, Germany has some ambitious plans for expansion, but what interests me is the way this might be integrated into some of the new glass screens we see in the pilkington and other videos, why can’t this power such a devise, no external power or computer, the programming is etched into the glass, the screen is a small portion of the glass area, with the rest being there to provide power, perhaps with external windows helping out, can glass save power like a battery, well enough to startup, wifi would collect the net and email, video traffic,  this is an interesting development, see through glass that can collect power. The Scifi buff can see each glass window talking to you as you pass, “hurry up your blocking the light”, it puts a new meaning on the right to light planning laws.

I used a shot of a leaded window for this blog, just because it would be so easy to produce small glass panes, and wire them together via the lead strips, with one being the computer screen ! to far, I am beginning to think not. Perhaps the hot tip is by Glass, Corning’s gorilla glass must be set for such an expansion.

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