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Stencils for correct technical lettering.
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My article on writing the other day, promted me to think about all the Technical literature I wrote, or is it I have written, for me, most of the old libraries of materials manufacturers in an Architects library, were 90% glossy marketing hype and just a usable 10% technical usfulness. I had huge battles with marketing people wanting to fill out a very expensive trade literature binder with such drivel, yet ask any Technologist or Architect, what they wanted most were good technical drawings, simple material specifications and a small amount of design or visual related finished product.

So for a long period of my working life I have fought against anything other that technical speak, short sharp, to the point facts with little or no conversation, so perhaps you can see why I now go on about it, why, well I sat back after I pushed the publish button and thought about this, the answer is, the world does not revolve around geeks, I know it should, but its a plain fact, prose and marketing hype have a vast role to play, so does what I call open letter writing.

Open letter writing, I think is the art of talking to some one via paper, or perhaps email these days, my grand mother was a prolific letter writer, reading her letters now, some for some reason a couple got left on her desk, just before she died, so it was a glimpse into this open letter style of hers and for that matter, her firends replies,  that I now wish I could emulate.

I used to write application letters, one after another, that with a little change here or there looked almost identical, now I write the odd one, to new clients, but they are so different now,  gone are the stock, “I refer to”  phrases, and in comes more lengthy  “did you manage to read” or “if you remember my article ……”

Todays photo will bring back memories for many Technologist and Architects alike, no wonder we kept it short and to the point, writing with a rapedograph using a stencil was time consumingly boring. Would you believe I stil have mine in a box, plus the dried up pens and other instruments.

I posted this article up yesterday as a post dated item, today as you read this I’m geotagging trees and early flowering bulbs on a large estate, it’s a hard life, but if the client wants !!!………… Snow has held it back until now, so I’m looking forward to a great sunny but cold day.

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