Architectural Technologist – Wiimote Whiteboard

A Wiimote, with a strap and a condom on.
A Wiimote, with a strap and a condom on. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In preparation for some lectures I plan to do in the summer, I have purchased a wiimote controler that will go with Francisco Cardoso Lima’s program that allows you to use the Wii Remote (Wiimote) to turn any surface into a Low-Cost Interactive Whiteboard, with his Mac software.

The plan is to use it to aid a presentation I have pulled together, well several actually, on Construction and being an Architectural Technologist, due for release in the summer in and around Birmingham, or were ever I’m invited really.

The Wiimote has an infrared camera that picks up the light from an infrered pen, transmits it to the mac vis bluetooth and the program picks it up and shows any movement via the vursor, beamed to the wall via my projector.

The Video below is for windows and is the original software created by Jonny Lea, my Mac version is based on this and for all intent and purposes is identical.

I have use similar software at Tewkesbury, but this will be for external presentations.




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