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shops, toorak, australia
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I happen to be passing my neighbours house yesterday, not the one in todays photo, and noticed that the front of the bay had been exposed, they had been having some work done to alter the garage roof, and had tried to repair a mock tudor timber panel planted on the external wall, that must have started to rot, but on removal, it seems that the wall was constructed with a ply panel planted onto a 150×50 ish timber stud with quilt insulation between the studs, the ply had also become rotten, so just a simple repair had become something a little more serious. It seems that the planted timber mock tudor panel had trapped water between the ply and timber.

I have never had to detail this kind of construction on a house, so I have been watching the repair with interest, little or nothing happen for about three weeks, seems the insurance people were kicking up, but suddenly work started and I could watch the repair continue. First the old ply was stipped and replaced, I would have at this stage wanted to upgrade the insulation removing the quilt and replacing it with  a ridged insulation, but no, they simply replaced the ply, using the old as a template, second, I would have used a high grade marine ply, I could not tell what they used but can only hope.

Next the planted timber tudor thingy, I would have replaced it, but sealed it to the ply not leaving any air gap. and had it rebated on the edge to receive a decent seal. The final finish was or is a stucco type render applied to the ply, again I would have researched the material to ensure a good seal and weather profing.

The question is why use timber frame on a house thats predominately brick block, why not simply use a block and render it, timber frame just seems a little odd.

The CPD here is watching and observing the repair and making mental notes as to how the contractor went about it, would I do the same probably not, I might also remember this problem when and if I do as new house construction, and keep the construction more solid.

If your old enough you might remember the old I-Spy club, it produced little booklets of things or objects you had to find, it seems mitchelin now produce them, but

I Spy (1965 TV series)
I Spy (1965 TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wonder if one should be made to find certain construction, it certainly made me more observant about my surroundings.

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