Architectural Technologist – This week in Google- Video edition

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It will come as no surprise to anyone, I am a major fan of Leo Laporte, and love many of his shows, and This Week in Google is weekly look at the cloud and in particular Google things, there are all 32 issues out there to be listened to, and now viewed via Youtube. Some how Leo has managed to get an unlimited upload, so his 1.25 hour show is no problem. But that aside, Google is going to be a major influence in Architecture, not directly, but in-directly, vi the powermeter, by there issues with their own distribution fiber optic system, by their phone, which is a few months has caught up with the iPhone and is now a major threat.

But to the small office, even the larger offices, Google Docs should be a player, plus Picasa, many the time I have run out of space loading up photos of a site, and then had to share them with the outside team of engineers and contractor. So look at this show, follow it and take note, subscribe.

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