Architectural Technologist – Stow village and dry stone walls

Dry Stone Wall
Image by Scays via Flickr

Yesterday, for no other reason than we wanted to buy some crockery, wend and I went to Stow to have a walk about and shop, well that was Wendy’s idea, mine was more closer to the lunch I had been promised and the pint of beer, I was certainly going to partake in, but as I started to walk about I came across to many construction details and I just could not stop myself, out came the iphone and I started taking pictures of what can only be described as first class dry stone walling, and would you believe it, this was to the entrance of the local Tesco supermarket. It is a fine example of this counties long held tradition of using the local stone to build, but not a drip of mortar in sight, all the stone is close fitted, well set and just does not require any mortar, yet go along towards the main town and the next garden wall has mortar toping, why, its ugly and shows no respect for the stone or craftsmanship, I have loaded a set up to my flicker account, enjoy. The photo I have used today is the one with mortar set on top of large blocks of stone, why, it serves no purpose, the main wall is mortar free and very nice to, yet the capping required it, silly.

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