Architectural Technologist – Scotland Radon Map

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A new map has been released that shows the current Radon levels in Scotland. The report details a project, funded by the Scottish Government, to map radon levels in homes throughout Scotland and brings together all the data held in the UK national radon database on radon levels in Scottish dwellings. It updates previous reports and presents the first complete radon probability map for the whole of Scotland including the inhabited off-shore islands.

If your a Technologist working in Scotland I consider this to be almost deems to be downloaded and studied. I have not had to do much Radon work, the last being some years ago for a large distribution centre I was working on, so Radon might just get it’s self onto my CPD list again,  Todays photo is of the England Radon deposits, try looking at this site for all of the UK,  England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


I have spent about an hour researching this and reading the notes again so I will add it to my CPD list and add the hour.

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