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For some time I have had programming Colchicine Medical Dictionary,  on my CPD project list, just because I have to do it so often, from simple spreadsheets to more complex html and now and again, scripting within Vectorworks. But the purpose of this blog is the starting point for any technologist, thats the use of spreadsheets, I am a mad user of Google Docs, just because its so easy to share and use, it takes up no room on my hard drive, Colchicine Medical Dictionary ebay, and it has most of the day to day functions I need to work. from window areas to floor ratios, to simple thermal calcs, to counting, for any technologist it has to be in his or her portfolio.

I suppose spreadsheets do not classify as programming, in the strict sense, Colchicine Medical Dictionary craiglist, but the use of formula and the way formula work in Google Docs as opposed to Excel, or Numbers, make it simple programing that we should learn.

But in the background Google has started to implement scripting, the video below shows the basics of Scripting, Colchicine Medical Dictionary japan, and this is programing that will help you automate a lot of things. not only within the spreadsheet but also conecting to other Google Doc programs, Colchicine Medical Dictionary.

But back to Spreadsheets, I suppose the basic area to start is the use of / * -, to divide, multiply,subtract, Sum, 150mg Colchicine Medical Dictionary, to add up cells,  if, to start giving some programing power to the cell, sorting lists, fixing cells within a formula with the $ sign, Colchicine Medical Dictionary coupon, and perhaps filter, these simple expressions will give great power to any spreadsheet, Google forms will also ease input of data.

If your a student looking forward to your first year, I strongly suggest you get a google account, and start playing with the spreadsheet, learning its ways, 40mg Colchicine Medical Dictionary, it will help you in the first year, besides the email account is the best you can get, and its free, cloud storage accessible from any machine is a standard, and the amount of help with videos and web pages is vast. Colchicine Medical Dictionary india, I have as yet not mentioned html, for good reason, its vast, and in my view not so important to the Technologist as spreadsheets in your day to day operation, but do not ignore html, its creeping into everyday life and having a small overview wil help when you have to present information to a client over the web.

Making up the CPD log I use, Colchicine Medical Dictionary paypal, made me use all these expresions, and its interesting to find great videos on Youtube that will assist you in using them, I am claiming a good hour in my research, although I think I might have spent in excess of 4 hours trying to add the sum and filter together, and linking separate sheets within the formula I use to add the months up and the individual project hour. 750mg Colchicine Medical Dictionary,

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