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Rebar (for reinforced concrete) Italiano: Arma...
Rebar (for reinforced concrete) Italiano: Armatura in tondino di ferro per colonna cilindrica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Star gate Universe SGU, the latest spin of the very successful star gate film, is waiting for the third series, well I am, because simply I have been locked into the 1st and 2nd series for the past few weeks, via the SciFi channel, and I have beed hooked on it right from the start.

But what has this to do with Architecture and the technologist, simple really, I love the story lines, the graphics, even the space ship Destiny, but it’s the architectural detailing that gets me, some times it’s just plain bad, or does not make sense, so the point of this is, and I might have said this before, the work we do in detailing, does not stop in the real world. Even space ships, and off world building need to look the part. So if your looking for work, try spreading you sights a little from the main stream Architecture to,,,, SciFi film, after all some one is designing the sets, it might as well be you.
So here is the part we as technologist could play, designing the sets and buildings used. Take for instance rooms supposedly deep underground, falling apart, constructed one supposes of reinforced concrete that has no reinforcement, beams that fall and also seem to have no reinforcement or are not tied into the structure. staircases that have no handrails, and seem to appear for no other reason than to attract a falling body.


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