Architectural Technologist – My new iPad and me

Did I tell you earlier, I have a new iPad, it’s fab, no realy good, it’s fast, colour is splendid and best of all, it’s gor loads of space, my old ver 1 iPad was getting limited on space, the speed was ok, and colour I must admit was ok, it was not until I got the new machine that I saw the difference.

But what I did get that I did not have before was the 3G and wifi version, I met a mate the other night who like me had just got a new version three model, without wifi, and he was like me, it’s no bother, I use my iPhone to hot spot, and yes, for my Mac I still think thats the best way, but haing it on my IPad, I so like it, I went for a 3G sim card, and I was out and about today, reading mail and I might add answering some mail, despite some saying they have not heard from me recently.

So over all, I am so pleased at getting the new machine, But the question now is what do I do with the old machine, do  keep it, give it to a client, or what, I fancy it needs to be kept, it’s the forst one and  have a thing about keeping the forst issue of MAc products, look at the photo I have used today, It’s my little shrine to Apple, al the things I have purchased and no longer require, but have kept, and there is more kept away out of sight, other Mac plus machines my 2CI and of course a Mac Plus carry bag, remember the blue bags.

There is absolutly no CPD in this article, just me being chuffed at having a new iPad, although I I am writting on it more, so the Dictionary is progressing, and I have strted to write a CPD guide, plus my Kindle app is getting more use.

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