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moleskin sketch
moleskin sketch (Photo credit: Scays)

I have a problem in that my last moleskin is getting full, I have made all sorts of notes, details, sketches and references, that I need to protect, so for the last few days, I have been scanning my notes by page and often by section, I have been doing this with my iPhone, I have a very good scanner program that turns anything I scan into a PDF which I can send direct to my Evernote account, I can then tag and move them into the correct section file. I have taken to using different colours to make up sections details of even when I write to make a reference point, the scanning does not pick this up, so I take photos of the page and send these.

I make notes in the moleskin that the page is copied and in evernote.  So what next, well I need a new moleskin, my current one is a plain paper red edition, but I fancy a black one again just to make it different.

I use the moleskin as its always with me, I suppose my mobile iPhone is mostly with me, but pencil and paper is so natural, and with this system I get the best of both world, thinking on paper, and storing and referencing my notes on the computer in a system that spans all my online experience. I also use an A4 binder in front of my laptop, for much the same thing, as I used to use a day book for, making notes re telephone conversations, workings I make whilst drawing, thought notes almost anything that comes to mind, these are also transfered to my Evernote account, tagged and further notes added as required, well if I can remember. My iPad is so cool, it allows me to do everything I do on paper and so much more, and I do use it for this purpose, but paper just comes back as well, a natural thought process.

And as a last thought, Google now searches my evernote account and shows anything relevant in my searches.

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