Architectural Technologist – Lack of a skirting board

by scays on 14/05/2012

An example of a baseboard. Author: Andy Tromme...

An example of a baseboard. Author: Andy Trommer Source: License: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The video below done I think by a Japanese Architect, is interesting, not because of the layout, which I must admit to being intriguing, but for the construction and in particular the detailing. The lack of a skirting board is a point that stands out in my mind, how long befor the prestine white walls are marked by cleaning and or shoes going up the rather narrow stairs. Students might want to look at example of detailing where the skirting is missed out and see what I mean. Choose what ever material you like, timber is an obvious example, I have used carpet, glass even stone, to prevent marking of the wall.

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