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Third generation Amazon Kindle
Third generation Amazon Kindle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For a lot of reasons, I like to use Kindle to read on, mostly because it’s whisper sync is so good, but because you can read the text on the kindle device so easily in the sun, although I use the iPad for general day to day use and the Kindle App, but up until recently I had to use the iBook app to read pdf docs. I just happen to be reading some info about sending pdf docs via email to your kindle account, tried it out and it works a dream and it’s very quick.

First, get into your kindle account on Amazon, go to the personal settings go to the Approved Personal Document E-mail List and add the email addresses you want to use to send pdf’s to your kindle, onces done, all you have to do is attach any pdf’s to an email,  I did it with two large files on one email, and send, then go to your kindle device and check in the cloud and there they are, click to send up and your away, excellent.

Why am I going away from iBooks, mostly because this method of working suites me better, second the reading in sunlight bit, and third, I just think, Amazon is better at handling books better than Apple, after all they have been doing it longer, and their app works far better for me, than the iBook, plus their selection of books is always better, plus and here’s the biggy, they are so much better at taking my books and selling them.


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