Architectural Technologist – Italy and the Palio in a week

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I’m back, did you miss me, probably not, but do I have some great CPD content for you from my trip to Italy, from general detailing on modern buildings, I stayed in several hotels that were ,,,,, tired, and well worn, yet still being sold as 4X hotels, a lot to learn from them. Plus just how do you reuse old buildings built in the early 1400’s,

I got back late last night to find our water tank to the hot water system had been leaking, how did I know, well a wet patch on the ceiling was the give away, so we will defiantly be looking at cold and hot water systems in the coming weeks, plus….

A nice variation on hinges for a medieval door I found, there are lots of photos on my Flickr site, and as soon as I get round to it, they, all of 250 photos I took with my iPhone, will be tagged accordingly.

Plus, using your iPad on a strange hotel wifi

The photo today is from the roof of the building to the rear of the Gar de Lyon building in Paris, it’s not until you look up do you see these gems in construction.

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