Architectural Technologist – Green slime stain or copper stain !

Bury tech college
Image by Scays via Flickr

This photo I took today is of the main entrance to Bury Technical College, (Now an Army recruitment centre) pity really because it show a distinct lack of care in the original design. The material that is now the water proofing, probably original, is a copper sheet, it has reacted to the rain and atmosphere and the result is clear, particularly as there was never any gutter detail the original designer did not appreciate that copper will green with age and it can stain all around it, this is clear as rain bounce has stained the stone work above the small portico, and the resultant run off has stained the wall down each side of the entrance. I thought at first that it was mold but on closer inspection it’s clear it’s the result of Copper turning green, although mold might be the after effect on the area adjacent to the door, but I doubt it. The cure, replace the copper roof with another membrane, and chemically clean the stone, although you will have to consider the whole facade, just cleaning the doorway would show up a little !.

The CPD here is compatibility of materials, will they fit and will they react, it’s not a simple study, Lipton ignored it in the design of one of his racing yachts and it ate itself to death, so perhaps I can forgive the original designer.

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