Architectural Technologist – Gorilla Glass explained

Gorilla. Close Up.
Gorilla. Close Up. (Photo credit: vladdythephotogeek)

I happen to see this video from corning today and thought I would share it. Basically I have been going on about Gorilla glass being used in construction for some time, I think this video from Corning shows why. The flexibility, the shear strength both in impact and flexibility make it a must for new product design, and as a means to get the interaction shown in their videos, plus, the ability to print onto the glass with conventional pronting press is stunning, and all because it can flex to quite tight radiuses.

Let’s not degrade this flexibility and ability to take print, its a major design area, and one we as Technologists should be well placed to innovate in, from solar shades to extension roofs, to conservatories, to wall linings, all are open to some use of this cleaver material, and well worth some CPD time to innovate and pull ideas together.


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