Architectural Technologist – Google PowerMeter API introduced for device manufacturers

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You might well look back in a few years time and say, that was the day energy consumption changed, when I saw and read about the Google Powermeter API, this will kickstart the meter reading and energy consumption monitoring like nothing else, that and PV cell manufacturers hiking up production and getting cost’s down, that and the whole concept of the smart grid, there will be the dis-tractors claiming that its a gift to terrorist and hackers, but just think who is saying this, or even might I dare say, paying for it to be said.

The open community will develop and produce new ways for small cell production and distribution, manufacturers will also start working out how to make less power-hungry goods,  This is god CPD, understanding the principles will affect the way we as Technologists design, we will look for PV related products, like the paint I looked at some while back, roof tiles and could the flat roof come back into domestic design.

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