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It can not have escaped your attention, Google had a bit of a doo this week, they calle it the Google IO, it’s aimed and attended by programers, to find out what new things google is planning and releasing, well they were not disappointed, I watched the Twit interview and the one apsect of a massive amount of new and exciting things is the Google open accessory, this API for Android will mean that your Android based phone and and will control any device or thing that has the small board or program embedded into it. Now I know this is predominately aimed at consumer white goods, but how long will it be before we as technologist will be using our door schedule to allow an ironmongery to send programable locks to site, its not going to be the specialist market that will do this, its going to be mainstay houses that has them, heating systems, water stopcocks, windows, just about anything the house occupier wants to interact with will have one of these devices inside them for us to use and control. The house will phone you and let you know the post has arrived, or someone has entered. But its not going to stop there, other none white good will soon be talking, if thats the right word, to your mobile phone, it the early days we all thought that all this would be controlled by some house server tucked away, and a house wired to the limits, but no, its individual units talking to your phone via bluetooth. We have entred to real of the Jetsons. Look for the Android at home part of the day one video, at about 44 min. Do you remeber that Glass video I showed recently, well thats now possible.

For the first time I have put the two opening Keynote speeches at the top of the blog, because they are so important, whatch what Apple does in their Apple developers conference soon, and just how will Microsoft use Skype.

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