Architectural Technologist – Geocashing on the iphone

Chat from iPhone to OLPC XO laptop via Jabber ...
Image by curiouslee via Flickr
You may wonder were the CPD is on this article,,,,, hang in there, I hope you will see the benefit of this app. Last week I attended the very excellent BE2camp in Birmingham, and was amazed at the presentations on the open source map project, which I have also picked up on Leo Laports TWITS podcast, I think the application bears much weight within our work, so when i saw this, article on Geocashing,  I thought, is there an app that will allow us Technologists to help out, currently it seems not, but if not mentioned, then we never will have the opensource mapping app for the iphone, If there were one, I certainly would use it to plot areas of interest, such as a building site  for houses or an office block, roads etc, now do you see were I am coming from, the technology has many openings for us, now the next question is, can I import the data into Vectorworks, and I leave that as an open question to people like Joh Pickup and the like
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