Architectural Technologist – Frost or Freeze Thaw Ice attack

Stone wall attacked by frost
Image by Scays via Flickr

I have looked into this problem with the main stream building products like brickwork , but whilst way on hols in Vienna, I happen to walk past a rather grand building with the lower band of the ground floor made from dressed stone, and many of the dressed stone blocks, and these are not small, say 1800 x 900 mm, many of then had been attacked by ice flaking of quite large chunks of the stone, now how do you stop this, stone is a natural material, and its manufacture is not open to quality control other than its cutting and sizing, perhaps there lies the answer, as contacting God, to complain that the granite is of poor quality and needs to be sent back, just is not on, so perhaps the quality control can look at the final product and check for fissures and cracks that might lead to freeze thaw problems, then there is the actual performance of the building, is there a thermal condensation problem, or is it a performance problems from passing traffic. In this case I think it’s the fissure problem, but the building seems to have been there for some time, at least 50 years, or just post the 1945 war. So the CPD here is a lot more complicated than at first appears, cold climate, long periods of very cold weather, hot internal buildings, modern car spashs I think there is a lot to go at here…….. I will add or expand this as I can in the future.

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