Architectural Technologist – Creating fear

close up picture of plywood with a veneer coat...
close up picture of plywood with a veneer coat. picture taken by Rotor DB 10:06, 20 January 2007 (UTC) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The daily mail yesterday, had front line headline of Google getting into bed with the government, it sighted several meetings, which , I might add are public knowledge, so hardly clandestine, and tried to link several aids and staff who have gone on to work for google, again hardly surprising. Should I be worried that the government is talking to Google, hardly, they should have so much to offer, and ministers are not really the sort of people who are fully computer literate, ok they might understand some, but recent court cases, both here in the UK and Europe and the USA show that government needs to keep up with the ever changing Internet and what it offers us. Too many companies are trying to form law that stops us reading what we want, or even watching what we want. Bending the government by supplying only what they want them to know. So is it hardly surprising that the government is talking to Google.

So off my high horse and back into construction, I saw this little video on plywood yesterday, just excellent, it surprises me how many students I work with have no idea as to the make up of Plywood, the orientation and strength it derives from it. I specify ply all over the place, and the Wiki house I have mentioned a few times is made from it, did you know it was invented around 3500 B.C. by the Egyptians, this wiki article is not bad, and this article on Structural Plywood fron STTA is good,  the STTA links page is also a good starting point for further reading on the product.

As always I have saved the links I found to my Evernote account and given them so many tags. Overall there is plenty to go at on this subject, from Architecture, construction,boats, remember the mirroe dingy, to chairs and tables. I recon on at least 1/2 hour of research.





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