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I am a massive fan of Glass, and see it as the next revolution in Architecture, the film below is only one of many Corning have put out, in a similar vain, ok its slightly futuristic, but can be done with current technology, detailing might have to be revised, and methods of construction looked at, but in essence all do-able, The touch screen technology is after all now being used on the iPad, all be it small scale, but if a small wifi network can pick up the various individual units and screens .

So what do we technologist need to do, well first it’s the detail, linking glass together, fixing, power, replacement, I don’t care how tough it is, kids will mark or break it. Perhaps solving heath and thermal problems, water ingrass, security, planners, what will they say to so much glass in a domestic house.

Structure, foundations, although Walter Segal keeps coming into my mind as far as support is concerned,  laminates for internal walls !, services,Sound both is airborne and impact,

Fixing cupboards, and other fittings, storage etc, all need to be worked out, with perhaps revised thinking on house layouts.

Look at this new upload from Corning, and yes there is no sound !



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