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The three pillars of sustainability. Click on ...
The three pillars of sustainability. Click on image areas for more information. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well yesterday I was back at Tewkesbury Launchpad college teaching my class on construction, this week we concentrated on materials looking at what they are, and more inportantly the sustainability of them, are they good, or bad, what constitutes a sustainable material. Perhaps one thing that came out is that there are degrees of sustainability, that there is no black and white, and that a point or grading system needs to be applied, and that its interlinked with all aspects of construction, from Social, environmental to financial.

My lesson plan although short this week, it was a packed day, trying to get all this across and stil have time for the students to work on their documents.

Not only is this a major chalenge for 14 year olds to grasp, but it lays the foundation for more involvement in the materials they will ultimately choose to build with.

I must say, we and I mean my generation have not, are not , and do not, give a good example, perhaps I can rectify some of this with my lesson.

My last lesson before Easter was CAD, and drawing, for a few weeks I have made the students use the “T” square, in this lesson plan I introduce the Electronic CAD system we all love !, I used Sketchup as a basis, just because its easy to use, get hold of and for the most part fun to use. Plus the interaction between Sketchup,and google  Google maps makes in even more interesting, the concept of 3D and the demonstration of this using Las Vagas ans a live example.

For the more experienced Technologist, there is plenty we can use for our own CPD activity in these lesson pland, perhaps making your own up for a week/Months CPD might be a good idea.Goals for the day or week.

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