Architectural Technologist – Aqua Tower – Downtown Chicago

Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) in Chicago...
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I saw the article on the  EYE ON DESIGN BY DAN GREGORY blog re the Aqua Tower Chicago, today, followed the link and was amazed, what a design, and what detailing, this is indeed an elegant design, there are several videos Youtube together with an interview or two. This video beow I think is the best, but follow the links and see for your self, I love the effect of the balconies, and the reality of the design compared to the rock structure in Dan’s picture set.

The architect , Jeanne Gang of Studio Gang has a nice web site, and has lots more to show.

Pity there are no plan sets available, but looking at the other videos, there is some detail that can be seen. This is worth at least 1/2 hour of quality design CPD.

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