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Architectural Technologist – PlanGrid – a fast and easy way to read PDF files on the iPAd

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I send out a lot of PDF documents for both my Architectural business, and my VantagePoint Cartographics company, in general the Architectural side manages quite well on the normal PDF readers both on the iPad, iPhone and of course the laptops and stand alone machines, but in certain cases I am finding that some of the large atlas PDF books we are sending out, iPads are having trouble loading and using them, so we started to look about for an alternative to the current Goodreader and dropbox built in reads.

Entre stage left Plangrid, I will admit that it does not have all the bells and whistles of Goodreader, but, and as always there is a but,  it deals with our large plan sets with ease, and for the most part has most of the tools I want to use for markup, it has a nice photo insert tool, and version tracking of atlas sheets revisions. There are some wants, like search and layering of markup, but  I’m pleased to say when we talked to them direct, we got a response almost immediately, and a skype call to air our wants, which we are pleased to report having been acted upon. But the real beauty of Plangrid is that it handle large files so easily,and also manages the drawing update revisions as well.no longer do we have to wait for files to generate, or even fail to load.

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