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Architectural Technologist – Park Bench

Trad bench front
Image by Scays via Flickr

I am a sucker for a good bench, perhaps it’s my age, but walking about, I often see park benches and more often than not I sit and ponder life, whilst I catch my breath, some becnhes look good, and are sooo uncomfortable, other are just to light and feel unstable, but some fit, the seat is slightly curved, the back also with a slight rake, and there is an arm rest that is well, solid and comfortable, I often take picctures of the benches I meet, and you can see these on my flickr site, try doing a search in google for Park Benches and look at the picture section of the search, there are some classic examples,

So where am I going with this, well no where, really, as you read this article I’m on my way to Hawaii, where I hope I will see some of the local flora and some of the old war sites, and I sincerely hope a bench or two to stop and ponder the view. People who live in the fast lane miss so much, sit back some times and watch, and best of all think, or not as you feel able.

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