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Architectural Technologist – Abandon Scotland

The restored Iona Abbey. In Columba's day all ...
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This video set is not about leaving Scotland, its about buildings that have been abandoned in Scotland, my first thoughts were were mixed when I sat and watched this set, from sadness for the buildings, to the quality of the shooting, to the buildings themselves, or whats left of them, to who owns them now, what a waste of steel, to what an eyesore.

This film set should get air time, people should take note of the buildings corporations and indeed, Governments just leave, we should either use them or restore the land back. I have loaded just one of the videos below, but visit their Youtube channel and watch all of them.

I’ll say no more, just visit the site and watch all the movies they are good, and diverse, but is there any CPD, well look into the videos you’ll see so much, but perhaps the biggest CPD factor is buildings have a life, and when its time is up, should we not gracefully mend or return, but abandon,,,,,, no.



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