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Architectural Technologist – Wild Bees are key to fruit set

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You might think I have lost the plot with this blog, but hang in there. I am working a lot in large gardens plotting trees, and landscapes for clients to control their plant collections, and as alway at this time of the year the bees are in hibernation, but it occurred to me that we should plot the hive positions where we can see the effects of tree heights and shade on the honey. But it was a conversation with one of the gardeners and my own experience of bumble bees that made me take a little more interest in providing more than just Hive plots.

So I have started to detail small nooks and spaces that they might like, from brickwork to timber green houses, walls with loads of timber stuffed in, with space for them to grow.

From a recent survey I saw in the RHS Garden magazine, it would seem that Bumble bees are the biggest pollinator  with a test on blackcurrant fruit set was up to 40% higher with Bumble bee nest sites being used.

So I’m adding it to my garden list, it costs almost nothing to detail a nest, but the advantages are huge.

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