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Architectural Technologist – The Birthday of Gustave Eiffel

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Did you miss it, I certainly did, until I got a link passed through to me of the event, what am I talking about, well  on Dec 16th  1832: Gustave Eiffel was born in Dijon, France.

His was the innovative metal-structure designer which his structures  still supports buildings, bridges and even statues. Eiffel was graduated from the Ecole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures in 1855. He began his career by supervising railway construction in southwest France. He set himself up as an independent “constructor” in 1866.

The small video collection of photos I found on Youtube is an excellent into into the man himself, but follow the video back to Youtube and follow the links in the related column, well worth it.


I have seen and climbed may of his more famous structures, they are ,,,,, very meccano like in design, he tended not to use heavy structual beams, but fabricate small sections into a larger unit, this is clearly seen in the Eifal Tower Paris, a stucture I will visit again in the sumer of 2012.




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