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Architectural Technologist – NAO, not just a robot more a ……… well its not a toy.

Anatomy of the Nao robot model used in the Rob...
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It’s not so much the robot, but the presentation that of interest here, don’t get me wrong, the robot, named NAO is clever, but the presentation and the background music is what you should be looking at, the way the music interacts with the robot and the guy operating him, the lift scene is also well acted, the way the robot lifts its self after being knocked over, so good.

No CPD just presentation technique,  the graphics and text, are just great, plus look at the posture of the robot, it’s sitting like a human, not stiff and rigid, but slouched, text that is alined, and stays aligned as the head moves, just excellent.

Aldebaran Robotics, seem to have captured more than just robotics they have got a spirit. watch the video below and follow back to their Youtube channel,  there’s loads more.


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