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Architectural Technologist – Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens
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It’s strange, but I had no interest or had even read anything of  Christopher Hitchens, until he dies and some of the press I read, started putting articles and interviews up on the internet,  he was a most interesting man. Opiniated yes, but interesting all the same.

I will and can not say more than watch this set of videos on The Atlantic, he has views thats certain, and you might not like what he say, but as I learn to write, (strange really at 60 I say this, but my writing has for the best part of my life been technicaly biast, writing specs and reports), I find his way and views interesting.

Much the same way I find old Dickens books fascinating, no comparison, but fascinating all the same.

I’m moving this blog away from main stream CPD over the weekends to other areas of reading that I consider god reading for my “Life long learning”. So this article and the piece I wrote on SOPA fit well.



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