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Counter Flagyl

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I'm horrified at the recent articles that abound, regarding the SOPA legislation that is currently in the USA congress. reading from some distance, ie the UK, it would appear that I or anyone outside the USA, 750mg Counter Flagyl, is liable for any article I might write, regardless of whether it's a copyright infringement or not.

The fact that I use a USA server company, and my Email is USA based, ie Google gmail, am I subject to the laws of the USA, it might seem that way, and until this law becomes live I don't have a real problem with this, 40mg Counter Flagyl. I am in effect a citizen of the world, Counter Flagyl.

But once enacted, will some lawyer in the USA not like what I say about a certain company and come after me, that's a distinct possibility if this law goes to being, luckily congress yesterday pushed it back, see the excellent article in the Daily Telegraph, but its still not been quashed just put back for comment. 50mg Counter Flagyl, Read also the excellent overview on Wiki and the article in the UK's Guardian News paper. Cnets article is also interesting reading.

In another excellent article from wired magazine, this quote appears:


“The US government has regularly claimed that it supports a free and open internet, both domestically and abroad. Counter Flagyl, We cannot have a free and open Internet unless its naming and routing systems sit above the political concerns and objectives of any one government or industry,”

Who is driving this, well it seems like certain commercial industries like the movie business, who want to control the internet, just for their own bottom line, do they think they control the globe, it certainly looks like it. Why doess the committee chairman and chief sponsor of the legislation, Rep Lamar Smith (R-Texas)  think this should be pushed through. I accessed his web site and I'm still none the wiser, 200mg Counter Flagyl, does he really think that Europe and the rest of the globe is stealing jobs and profit, I think not.

The Electric Frontier Foundation's open letter from basically a long list of people who may not have created the internet, but certainly know how it works because they have written the infrastructure that we all use, have set out an open letter to congress, pointing out their folly, Counter Flagyl japan, in a language they should be able to understand., and here's another rub, reading about this law it seems that the people who are pushing it, just have no idea what the internet is or how it works, and who invented it in the first place, certainly not the USA, although a lot of the innovation has been USA oriented, amazing, Counter Flagyl canada, yet they are talking and trying to pass a law they just do not understand, that will have global ramifications.

So we wait to see what happens, because if this law becomes live, then people like me will have to re-evaluate just what we do, certainly I will have to move all my work out of the USA, 10mg Counter Flagyl, all my mail, will be deleted from Google,although Google keeps all mail regardless of it being deleted,  I will not use Google, or any other USA based search engine, I will not be able to visit the USA because of fear of being locked up, pending some trial for something I might have said, that some company thinks is copyright to them !, Counter Flagyl india, free speech will die and so will innovation, the internet will be closed to normal business, USA servers will be cut of from the rest of the globe, much like China and certain middle east states.

The USA prides itself as "The land of the free", forget it, the USA will be owned and run by lawyers and large corporations wanting to protect their bottom line, Counter Flagyl. I will not be able to crit any thing or any one for fear of reprisal, not by the company of person, 20mg Counter Flagyl, but the lawyers who see a win as everything, forgetting the morality, that the Declaration of Independence laid out, because it seems to me that this senator is acting like the King of England.

We and by this I mean both the USA and UK have existing laws that protect, without undermining my right to free speech. This has to stop, Congress and for that matter, 1000mg Counter Flagyl, the UK's House of Parliament, must learn about passing good law, not a companies or industry personal protection right.

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