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Prozac Trip

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I had a conversation with some friends the other night, and they were talking about research, how do you do it, my answer was depends, if I'm in front of my machine, then one of several ways, often as not I use Evernote, but sometimes its email when I need to be reminded about certain facts to write about, don't ask its just my way of collecting data, links information.

I always have in front of me my trusty black binder, or scrible pad, its where I doodle, sketch what ever, pin cards to, recently I left it with a client, and was lost without it until I got it back, phew, Prozac Trip overseas, all that information, my client said how does it mean anything, answer, it does to me, and thats the first  real answer to the forst question.

I use a moleskine for notes on my travels, if I have my phone I use the note application, Prozac Trip usa, , I have even phoned home to my office and left a message on skype, I have no set method, someone said you should use this or that app on the iPad, answer ok, I'll give it a go, but I know in my heart, its not going to work,, 750mg Prozac Trip, it just is not me, and thats the second answer, there is no right or wrong way, it's what ever feels good. Photos come into the equation, so do movies, the iPhone is just so good at taking and loading up that sometimes I just take a photo, 500mg Prozac Trip, in the past I have use the voice recorder Cynch, that a neet way to make notes.

I know that with all the electronic gizmo's I have at my disposal, I should be using them more, so I can track,tag disseminate,and find notes, but paper is so usable, my black pad is full of all sorts of paper, Prozac Trip mexico, clicks, magazine, A4, A3 folded up, A5 from some old system I once used, and as it gets full, so I start filtering, 200mg Prozac Trip, thats when I sit back and look through the binder, , Mmmm did I do that, or  thats a cool idea, rarely do I throw away, I just transfer to an archive folder, when I go to the Great Architect, my sons are going to look through these notes and  say, Told you so dad was cracked, 250mg Prozac Trip,

Other people will have there own take on notes and research, they will insist theirs is the right way, and only way, forget it, walk away, they are power controllers, look to your heart and gut, 10mg Prozac Trip, do it your way, but keep an eye on the power freaks, some times they just might be right.watch and learn.

This article from Steven Berlin Johnson is another take on this with his article  ANATOMY OF AN IDEA I was sent on a course ages ago by Dow, must have cost an absolute bom, looking at note taking, with fishbone structures, and abbreviations, something must have stuck, 100mg Prozac Trip, because I often find myself doodling and linking notes and ideas together using the tools we learned that day.

So there you have it, no real answer I'm afraid, just do it your way perhaps is my final answer.......................

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