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Architectural Technologist – Jon Pickup of Archoncad – yearly roundup

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This morning, early I might add, logged onto the last Vectorworks tutorial session of the year with Jon Pickup of Archoncad, I have been a member of Jons webinars right from the start, and always try and log into his monthly sessions, Busines some time gets in the way, so I have to rely upon the excellent manuals and videos jon produces to catch up. But there is one session I will not miss, that is the December round up, for just an hour Jon goes over each months topic, adding comments and discussing what we looked at.

But the best thing is the notes for this session, Jon has pulled together s roundup pdf with links to all  the session video, these are quite long, but boy are they useful. the actual notes are a separate pickup, pun intended.

If your a member, log in and down load, if your not a member, join, not only do you get to join in the monthly banter but you get access to all the past issues, I have loads on my iPad for reference.

If you want to know what or how good the quality of teaching is, go to Jon’s Youtube Chanel and see some of the free stuff he loads up. I have included one below, follow it back to Youtube and see more of Jons Videos.



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