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Architectural Technologist – Google -Youtube/Education channel

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One of the major problems I have had recently is the problem of corporations, large and small, blocking youtube, for what ever reason. It’s a pain, I load up instruction videos for clients and get the complaint that they can’t see youtube because of the block they have, no amount of arguing with IT guys ever get round it.

So I’m please to report that Google might have overcome this block by the creation of a youtube education sub-domain I tried and reasonably successfully, to go round this problem by adding a TV channel but even this was sometimes blocked, so perhaps this new section might help.

The site is already partially populated with such classic talent as MIT, National Geographic,and believe it Sesame Street  (one of the best children learning programs ever, ask my kids). The list is impresive, my only hope is its properly monitored and the likes of porn and others kicked out.

The site is split into three  categories, University, Primary & Secondary and Life long Learning., of which the latter is were I see my videos being added, oh yes, I will endeavour to get some of my tutorials added.

Now, remember, this is a beginning. It’s not prefect and not all the content that you want is in there. But I will say there is a great deal of some super awesome stuff.  you can suggest playlists and content you want to be in there by going to the You Tube Teachers Channel and clicking on, you guessed it, Suggest Videos. There you can also sign up to be a content partner and provide content too.

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