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Architectural Technologist – Building Sensor pads

English: LVDT sensor
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It’s now quite clear, that sensor pads are becoming cheaper, and more usable, so why are we not detailing then into our construction to monitor things like moisture, or movement, , temp, or perhaps noise. For more read this excellent article on O’Reilly Radar

GreenGoose looks to unlock the data in everyday activities.

This company GreenGoose seem to have the ideal product,  their stickers are great for this because they’re simple, flexible and they easily stick to curved things like bottles, pipes etc. Also, existing objects or things around the house can be enabled with sensing capabilities by just sticking on a sticker. they’re taking everyday things and making them more fun. there’re also lowering barriers to adopting sensors by treating them in a playful way.

GreenGoose are trying to make it really easy. There’s no batteries to recharge or USB cables or software to worry about. The sensors last more than a year, and the range is over 200 feet, so it’s completely in the background.

This has to be looked into, as I find out more I’ll let you know, but in the mean time add it to your list, I have a feeling on this subject. its all to do with home automation, the smart home. Photo voltaic’s can easily power them although a years use before they require juice is dam good.


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