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Architectural Technologist – Yale University Videos on Youtube

English: Ancient Roman architecture.
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I can’t remember if I have mentioned this link before, but looking for something completely different, I happen to find the Yale Video page on Youtube, and what  a find, its packed with over 700 videos on all sorts of subjects with really high class speakers and lecturers.

The Architecture section has some really outstanding lectures on Roman Architecture that are seriously work looking in on, I watched the first one on an introduction to Roman Architecture , see below, and was glued to it, Prof Diana E. E. Kleiner is an excellent speaker, at a little over 43 mins long this is seriously good CPD of the highest quality.



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Architectural Technologist – Typical House Extensions

This is a small sketch that I did for an artic...
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I suppose we will all have done at least one extension in our time, the fact that I do, or at least I was doing about 2 a month, but it takes a different knowledge bank to alter and make aditional room witin an existing house.

My first task is to measure and draw the house completely, don’t get sucked in by the comments of why are you doing the whole house when I only want a small kitchen extension, take my advise do the whole house, you then have something to work from that reflect the site.

Don’t forget drainage and the necassary vertical dims to make a section work, cill, and window head heights, ceiling heights and if you can a floor to floor via the staircase. electric gas and watewr intake, plus phone and cable, floor spans materials for internal wall, the list is endlas, and I so often make a standard list and tick them of, I so often forget. And it’s here that I use my iPhone, making picktures of every room, and a full set of external elevations, close ups of specific details and anything that stands out, I measure brick coursing, and if I can the eaves height, plus a brick count, I can do it from the photos but this is just a fail safe.

I then draw the house, I might have had one meet with the client to discus their wants, but until I get the basic layouts down on paper, I refrain from detailed talks.  Once I have their ideas I go away and sketch somethng up, not to detailed, but sufficient to show the idea, I tend to use simple colours for existing walls and new brickwork, I use furature symbols to show scale, so often the clients idea of a bed is remarkably different from reality.

Its then I obtain the required OS pland in digital format, and make up a proposal, void of notes but sufficient for the client to sign them of before I add notes and finish of the drawing.

From start to finish I suppose a period of at least a week goes by, I often get asked to produce for the next day, forget it, time should be taken to think, doodle and sketch, getting your ideas down I sometimes do several layouts if the house warrents it,  I also make sure I do at least one section, more if I think it needs it, to sort out heights and access, if I’m doing a Loft conversion, always several.

I then make detailed notes, mostly at this stage re materials and room labels, plus some symbols to show scale. almost a planning drawing. Sometimes I add dims, just to make it clear re room size.

PDF is my preferred medium to talk to clients, printing is expensive, so except for the initial meet where we talk layout with paper and tracing paper overlays, I send all communication via email, that included contractors, although so many now insist on paper to tender.

As for survey notes I have tried all sorts and continue to fall fack on a paper A4 sheet, although I print of a sheet with my drawing title box so I have something to put date of survey, and conditions, together with the sheet number. I have also now marked on the locations of photos .

CPD here is all about preparation and presentation the client needs to get what he or she wants, and the drawing needs to show that in a maner they can understand, I have uploaded one layout to my Flickr account, I’ll ad more as the days go on.




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