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Last night I went to a lecture looking at the demise of the DDA in October 2010 and it's replacement, Colchicine Probenacid overseas, the Equality Act 2010. The lecture at just over an hour, given by a good friend Tim Spittle of Birmingham City Council, outlined the act and the spread of its remit, Colchicine Probenacid india, which I was surprised to find included a long list of older acts as well as the DDA.

Although the act is wide in its authority, Colchicine Probenacid australia, Tim honed in on the building environment looking at the curent building regs that use and mention the older DDA, and how we might have to change our standard specification, the old DDA compliant, statement is dead, Colchicine Probenacid mexico, although it's mentioned in Part M, which is not due for upgrading until at least 2015.

Sample items that Tim brought up were things like door widths, we all know about wheels chair access, but should we now recognise baby buggy's with a min door width of say 1000mm, Colchicine Probenacid. 10mg Colchicine Probenacid, Lift turning space for both wheel chairs and buggy's toilet facitlties and lots more.

The hour Tim spoke for, was not enough to look at the act in depth, but it was enough to make it a high priority in my CPD and will add it as a specific item to my 2012-13 CPD list

Tim has promised to send me the powerpoint presentation, 250mg Colchicine Probenacid, the usual list of attendee's will get a link to down load, if your at all interested in this sent me an email and I'll add you to the list, 100mg Colchicine Probenacid, look below for a link to an older article on the DDA.

We gave CPD certs for 1.5 hours, but with even a little research and reading this will easily go to 2 hours or more


Don't want to miss any of the Konstrukshon CPD Weblogs !, well I have added a new feature to the site with the addition of a blog notification, 200mg Colchicine Probenacid, enter your email, confirm from the email you will receive check how many notifications you want to receive, Colchicine Probenacid coupon, ie daily or weekly and sit back.


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[caption id="" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Image by Scays via Flickr"]Sunday morning papers Infrared Spectra Tetracycline, [/caption]

I had a chat with Jon Pickup this morning, or was it evening, Jon is 13 hours ahead of me, I have not had chance to catch up with John for some time, so when I saw his news letter Email, I thought I should book into his last of the year round up of all the items we have looked at.
I like the Archoncad sessions, it gives me a chance to talk with Vectorworksusers from all over the globe, 50mg Infrared Spectra Tetracycline, looking at techniques ans i might add, 500mg Infrared Spectra Tetracycline, construction, so often we have seen Jon draw and said, thats not a UK detail, Infrared Spectra Tetracycline ebay, and a whole debate ensues, 20mg Infrared Spectra Tetracycline, such are the loose and easy going way of these lectures, although they are scheduled for an hour, it's rare they  meet the goal, 10mg Infrared Spectra Tetracycline, often lasting for well into an hour and a half. Infrared Spectra Tetracycline canada, So this December  we look back over the year, I know Jon has put together a booklet of all the first pages of the monthly manuals he produces for each session, as an aid memoir, Infrared Spectra Tetracycline japan, for those of you who are members, Infrared Spectra Tetracycline mexico, they are so well worth downloading, I have most on my iPad, I have booked into the early morning session on the 14th Dec, 150mg Infrared Spectra Tetracycline,. Infrared Spectra Tetracycline usa,  

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