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Architectural Technologist – Fastrack Vs Cadool for dwg downloads

Fastrack A5 portfolio booklet
Image by Scays via Flickr

Some time back, I did a review of the two main CAD download sites I know of, Fastrack and Cadool, well just recently I had cause to re look at both just because I was sent a rather good A5 booklet from Fastrack outlining some new additions, a couple of which I wanted. So of I went to Fastrack and Cadool, although I don’t like the Fastrack user interface, it did not stop me finding the product detail I was interested in and downloading the file, I went to the Cadool site and found the same detail, ok I still prefer the cadool interface, but that is not the point I want to make here, it’s more that Fastrack have communicated with me with a rather nice A5 brochure telling me whats new and in a way I like, pictures.

The books format makes it easy for me to scan the collection and pick out the ones I might like to download, and for that reason I used their page to dowload the detail, was it more up to date, I have no idea, the book’s text file did not give me a date, only ones who had sponsored them, perhaps thats something both companies might want to address. So what next, well all I can ask is that fastrack continue this communication and keep me informed. talk to me and I will respond, forget me and others will grab my attention, plus some thought to the fastrack interface might not go un noticed.

Oh and if you load up Vectorworks files of your details, you would certainly grab my attention, and a load more people across the globe, 2D & 3D please, and if you need help in this direction, you need only ask.

Perhaps a user upload, just let me add my name to the file. others offer this service, but don’t have the library either of you seem to have.


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