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Architectural Technologist – Space the final frontier – The original opening

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When I first watched this Star Treck

trailer as a boy, it changed my life, and all the spin off’s still continue to change my life, no CPD ,just enjoy, oh and head of to this page to read some history as to how it came about.

Note the jerky space ship and the colour, oh how much has changed, but I still can’t help watching it again and again…………..


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Architectural Technologist – More time lapse photography

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I am a big fan of time lapse photography, so when I saw this little gem below, I thought, woow, very cool, and then I read further :

Shot on 400D, 60D & Sigma 10-20
Hand made 3 axis motion control rig
HDR shots tone mapped with Photomatix v4
Edited in Adobe Premiere & After effects CS5
Music composed on Roland mc-808

You cn see more fromĀ Tanguy Louvigny

Just show what can be achieved, with so little, and a little lego !I often wondwer why this technique is not used by Architectural Practices more often, it show a building as it should be, over time, but compressed to view in meer minutes.

Hdr skies from Tanguy Louvigny on Vimeo.


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