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Architectural Technologist – Android apps for construction

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Some time back I dida review of the ERP Analyst, Software Advice website. were they looked at all the iPad and Iphone apps for construction, it’s not a long list, or it wasn’t then, but as a follow up they have now looked at all the android apps related to construction, they can muster. some 27 apps,

I rather like some of them, in particular the timber beam calculater.but it shows the interest being shonwn by developers to produce good looking apps, a lot well under £3. I don’t use android, so if anyone wants to let me know if they have downloaded any of these please, please drop me a line.

I’m putting this down to about 1/2 hour of general CPD looking to keep up with technology, and perhaps improve my mobile platform, although currently the iPad is more than a match.



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