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Architectural Technologist – Is Scifi the place to invent new products

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Mmmm, you migh be asking, have I gone totaly wako, well no, think abut it, Scifi writers have the one thing we lack ,a place to try out new ideas without getting into to much trouble, there minds are trained to invent and provide fr the story plot, physics rarely gets in the way, they creat as required, of sometimes the things they invent become reality in time, Joules Vern an example in kind. But why do I bring this up, well for years my job, or part of it, was to dream up new products, see if there was a possible chance to develop it, nurture it, and bring it some where near the market, trial it, and give it to the marketeers to put out. Some days, I would just sit at a keyboard and write, garbgae, , then go back and refine it, sometimes there was a product in there, often there was not, some times I would read a book, or see a film, out would come my mole skin and the early thooguhts on a product would come  out. I have loads of moleskins just packed with ideas, some will remain there, some I think, what the hell, some I copy and ut into my latest moleskin to see if its worth developing.

You migh be wondering where CPD is in all this, well it’s there, because without constant reading, expoloring, or just plain old networking, ideas have nor food to develop.

Inventing is not something that can be taught, its something that develops over time, its for the brave, because the week will be told not to waste there time.

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