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Architectural Technologist – Apple 1

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  ...

Definatly no CPD in this article, unless your a Apple fan like myself, THis is a video of an Apple 1 being booted for the first time, since it was purchased in about 1977 for $666.66, its in Italian, but its the boot up thats important here.
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Architectural Technologist – Apple and the Cloud

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

So, did you watch the Apple roadshow yesterday, I did, it was great, most of the things I wanted as an App developer were in there, particularly the icloud data management for  app data, I have several new apps planned and in production which will make good use of this feature.

So what else, well Lion is most interesting, but as always, the first question is, what wil it do to my work horse, I mean Vectorworks, will it impact on this, I can not afford to be put out again, so I wil this time wait until its been tested and I see good comments coming in from the Vector list and other sources. As developers we get the beta version, so I hope some one at Nemetschek is testing right now.

As expected, Dropbox will continue to be my main sharing venue, iCloud is not for the main stream file sharing. But the way Pages will share via iCloud, now thats good, but why did they not include Dropbox like so many other people.

I will be away from my main machine, for two weeks, as I go on my annual vacation, I have post dated a number of interesting blogs, plus I will be taking my iPad and iPhone with me to add additional blogs as I see them in Norway, and as my partner allows, I have promised not to spend to much time online, well not much !. Log onto my flickr account to see construction and other interesting items as I post them.

Last month we, that is the readers of this blog, went way over the 5500 hits for May, way beyond my wildest dreams when I started this blog two and a bit years ago, thanks to all of you who read and follow Konstrukshon CPD Weblog,  my twitters. Flickr, and Buzz, yes it still exists.



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