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Architectural Technologist – Google’s cloud – the new Chromebook and Autodesk

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I happen to be wondering about the net this morning, following links and ideas from articles in Zite, and I happen to read the excellent article on the new Google Chromebook due for release on the 15th June.

I had also been looking at at the way Autodesk have been developing the online Autocad program, and it became clear, that, Autodesk must have been looking at the way Google was developing their version of the cloud and planned their future on it.

First, Autodesk have developed, their browser version of Autocad, it may not have all the bells and wistle’s of the main program, but its useable, but limited, next Autodesk have introduced their apps for the iPhone and Android, linked not only by their own system but also giving support to dropbox and email. I loaded up an old dwg, onto my drop box, only to see it easily with the iPhone app and then seeing it link up for viewing on the browser version .

The browser, iPhone and Android apps require you to login to your own account for the link to work, but its free, simple to set up and it works.

So am I going to drop Vectorworks and join the Autodesk camp, not a chance, but I can’t help looking at the Autodesk setup and wonder, is this the future, and I realised the answer is no, the Autoddesk online and mobile apps seem to be cut down versions suitable for viewing, well I already have this with pdf, it does not require specialist apps, I can alter, mark or just comment in real time, via drop box, in fact Goodreader can do all that and a little more..

It might be nice to save to an online cloud account, the Dropbox system always stores the files on your drive as well as the Dropbox cloud, having say a Google Doc style account would save disk space , but not much else, but I have 750 GB of disk space with my new mac, with some several GB shared to Dropbox, it works well and I don’t see linking problems in poor signal areas, if I need to access files.

So is the Google Chrome machine set to take of, it might, and will Autodesk’s online system set to change CAD, I can’t see any major benefits on the CAD side, and will Google releave Apples iPad of it’s crown,, because thats the competition,  plus if the Apple DC event on Monday contains the substance the hype is promising, Apples fall looks like a none event.

What might be nice through is Nemetschek to come out with a stratergy, they don’t have to do much, as Dropbox does all the linking, PDF is the sharing format, and should I need others to view and use the original file then the Vectorworks viewer is an excellent tool, otherwise pdf is fine thank you very much.


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Architectural Technologist – May 2011 blogs

Colline del Piemonte

So for the first time, I have listed the Blogs I have put out in May, its in pdf format and all the articles are listed with links to the original.

It might prove to be an interesting list to generate your own CPD items, or just a browsing list to find something to read, What ever your reason I hope its been worth while and you enjoy.


MAY 2011 PDF

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