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Architectural Technologist – julian Beever

Julian Beever in New York's Union Square creat...
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Only just a few days ago, I showed the art of Eric Grohe, and the magic he applies to any wall, so imagine my delights when I again saw the work of Julian Beever,, a UK based street art artist, on one of Luigi’s emails. This google page is stacked with his art, and its soooo clever, I could never get perspective so correct.


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Architectural Technologist – BIM and Vectorworks from CU

Face book & Vectorworks
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Bim is becoming a big talking point how it impliment it, how to use it, and most of al how to send it to others, so I am very pleased that CU, the UK distributer of Vectorworks is holding a webinar on the 21st June 2011, log onto the CU site and register. Unfortunately I will be travelling home from a holiday, so might not be able to log on, but I will try, The link I have been sent is specific to me , but CU have put out this link for any one interested.

Martyn Horne I believe will be presenting, I have known Martin for some time, he knows Vectorworks very well, so I think it will be quite a show.

This talk aims to cover questions such as:

  1. What is BIM and what is design led BIM?
  2. How does an architecture practice begin in degrees to use BIM?
  3. How does the integration process work?
  4. What relevance do open information exchange standards have within BIM
  5. How does Vectorworks fit into a BIM workflow


Content learning aims

1. Provide a ‘high level’ overview of the BIM workflow

2. Demonstrate real world case studies

3. Provide practical advice on implementing BIM


Martyn is current at Nemetscheck for the distributor meeting, so content should be bank up to date, and will provide some jigh level CPD

I just hope he has it recorded.



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Architectural Technologist – Apple – WWDC 2011- YOU

Apple Inc.

It might come as no surprise to many, but to some, its a complete surprise. What ever way, Monday 6th June will change every Mac user, normally Apple does not let on what the agenda for these events is, until this year, when they listed all they want to talk about, what does that mean, its means its going to be a big change in the way we do work with our Mac’s. Now all the PC users will be yawning, but I’m all ears, I use Mac technology for everything, drawing obviously with Vectorworks, but Pages, Numbers, my .me account to distribute large files, mac mail, I can go on, so if Apple are making such a fuss about the content of  WWDC 2011, you can be assured, its going to affect the way I work.  So don’t even think I will answer the phone Monday night, and don’t forget, I live in the UK so the 10 am start in LA is about 6 pm in the evening for me.

Is this CPD, well sort of, its about keeping abreast of Technology, and as such this is important, it might well be vital to any Apple practice.

And if your an IT administrater within a practice thats Apple oriented, and I know of loads of Technologists who seem to fall into this category,  take the time to watch the live feeds, I’ll post the links as I get them.


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