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Architectural Technologist – Structural Calculation

bridge beam
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Understanding just what the engineer is doing is part of the Architectural Technologists training, and more importantly so is the interpritation of the calcs, such as asking for a particular beam size because it fits the detail rather than the one the engineer used.

But should you do the calcs your self, I think not, I know many who do, but my philosophy is simple, at about £60 a calc its not worth the risk, why bother, why spend the time when all it takes is a quick email, a set of plans with the bean required marked in place to your friendly engineer. I always insist on every beam being calculated this way, I tell my clients thats the only way I work. I can do the calcs, or at least I could a few years ago, but now I know enough not to do it.

So if I don’t do calcs why this blog, well as I said, I should understand just what he or she is doing, simple beam calcs, bending and shear, the difference between point load, UDL or Universally distributed loads, cantilever, etc, my point is I read and understand structural design, but I don’t do it, I just understand it.

So I have added another topic to mt CPD that of Structural design,

I founf these videos on Youtube which I quite like, the style is easy going and I can follow his calcs.
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