Chasse-roues or Guard Stones.

by scays on 15/09/2014

Doorway with iron Protectorschasse-roues (literally chase-wheels-away) and in England they are called guard stones, and you will see them in many forms on older buildings. They are the cast iron, or stone pillars that stop the entrance reviels being hit by vehicles .

Todays picture is one I took in Paris, although they are every were, on my Birmingham walk about I will pass a lot, some in stone, most are cast iron, the cast iron ones come in a variety of shapes, from ornate like todays, to robust cones meant to do a job of work.

In general detailing, we use these or there descendant to protect internal wall corners, last time I did a detail using this technology was internal work at birmingham airport, although I see them all over the place.

Try looking at this excellent blog article on the subject





My Moleskin is Half empty

by scays on 13/09/2014

Moleskin half empty, or Half FullIts the weekend, and I am looking forward to University, I have so much to do, with both my practice and in preparing for lectures, I use Google Docs so have shared my lectures with the members of staff who I work with, but, and heres a big but, my Moleskin is looking a little full, I use it so much for general day to day notes, sketches, ideas and concepts, some times I sit and sketch an idea I have seen, rather than use my iPhone, its so much more intuitive to do it, the camera captures only what it sees, but sketching, I think, makes you see beyond. So today is a new Moleskin day, ready for my transfer.

I also have just paid for my Evernotte premier account again, I just could not do without it, storing “Stuff”, including captures of my Moleskin. I see so many executive, busy making notes at courses, and wonder, if they ever use them, it looks good, people are impressed, they are taking notes, but so often its a sham, they do not use them, capture the notes in Evernote, and let it become part of your Personal Archive.

So my next job is going to be a full 3D model, I have said this before, but this time it has to be, there will be pain, I know it, but after seeing the CostX presentation, I now can’t delay it, 3D it is. I an also looking at taking my Masters, Birmingham City University have a Masters in BIM, and its my intension the take it on, in the spring.

It looks like I have been using an old version of Skype, so this morning work was to reload it, I must say, this program has changed my life, I can talk all over the world, for free, show my screen, and send files, all for free, I even have a paid for telephone number, I just do not need the BT number I have, in fact its not listed any were, and I don’t use it, Skype is all I need.

It’s now official Gary Mees will be the next CIAT President, I am pleased for Gary, he has been about the CIAT system for so long, he knows how we work, and has put time into our profession.


The addition of Google Sheets to the iPad is one of the best moves ever from Google, well the best move this week anyway, I used it extensively last week to mock up a presentation, ready to finish of on my laptop. However I could have got a little further, well finished the slide set on the iPad, if there was a way to add some photos I wanted to use as part of the presentation.

Well Jeff Herb has written an excellent blog to outline the process, together with an excellent little video that allows you to do it, ok not on the app, but as a work around using the iPad Google Chrome web browser, and logging into the Google Docs site to add the photo, from your iPad onto the slide set.

I have tried it and its ok, I would rather it was within the iPad app, so guys at google, sort it, but until then this is worthy of knowing.



Office Storage

by scays on 11/09/2014

Toshiba Chromebook 2, a lightweight laptop with Chrome OSAre there any practices out there still using internal web server storage, there might be, and I wonder how much it costs, against the likes of Dropbox or Google Drive. But the real question is, how useful is the storage looked on as a comparison, between usefulness , ease of use, cost to run, and perhaps ease of access, with reliability as the final comparison.

This article on Techradar, is relatively comprehensive, and I tend to agree with it, in my practice, we use both Google Drive for my larger CAD files, and Google Drive for almost anything else, I have almost given up on Apple Pages, and Keynote, unless your Apple I can’t share them easily, although I do like to use pages just to view a word or excel doc, its just quicker, but for long term, Doc’s always get imported into Google Drive, and when you consider that we have two offices nearly 50 miles apart, and I travel a lot between lecturing its a no brainer.

The article also ask’s the question, I think a lot of student might be asking, should I spend over a £1000 on a laptop, perhaps nearer £2000 for an Apple, when I can buy a Google Chrome laptop for about £350 max which will do most is not all of my work and storage .

In fact Google Chrome goes beyond just written word, because of the Autocad app, its not as good as the real thing, but them most universities have a host of machines running the educational version, if Autocad could get Revit to work in the cloud then I  would say its complete. One item I can’t do is scan, Chrome does not seem to have an app to do this, and I scan an awful lot into Evernote, so could not do without it.

So there it is, I will continue along the Dropbox path with Google Drive, together with my current Macbook Pro, and see what happens, I can see that at some stage I will purchase a Chrome Laptop, you will notice the complete lack of iCloud from Apple, its just not easy to use.




A Walk Through the back Streets of Birmingham

10 September 2014

In a few weeks time, I will be conducting a walk for my students, looking at the construction of certain buildings in the south side of Birmingham, notably Digbeth. I was born in Birmingham and although I lived mostly on the north side from Aston, through to Handsworth Wood, I had a grandmother that lived […]

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CostX & BIM

9 September 2014

Yesterday, I spent all day watching and participating in a day long intensive course on the use of CostX, at Birmingham City University, it was as good as I had hoped, opening up all sorts of questions, all good I might add. First and for most, is the way we draw, it has never been […]

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blogsy is back

2 September 2014

I am back on Blogsy, after a while away, I have gone back to this excellent program for the iPad, you might ask why I went away, simply because I was using my Mac so much more, and as I had to travel a lot, I just used the mac browser. But as I work […]

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When is a door not a door

2 September 2014

It's an old quote, but in this case, it's a reminder as to what exactly a door is, and here I mean, how a door should feel and sound like. So often we specify doors that are, well they are the doors we have always specified, and by the time it comes to site, the […]

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Apple Campus 2 construction video – August 2014

1 September 2014

The video, below, of the Apple Campus 2 construction site,  shot with a DJI Phantom 2 with GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition micro copter, is well worth taking a look at, not just because its Apple new head quarters, but because there is so much to see about a large site, the set up and most […]

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Scanning Articles

31 August 2014

This morning, its been a Scanning Articles marathon, by that, I mean I have been looking through that pile of free magazines, sales bunff, and other bits of article I have removed from tabloid papers. The pile has been substantially reduced and Evernote is now the wiser, or I will be, if I ever need the information, […]

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