The video, below, of the Apple Campus 2 construction site,  shot with a DJI Phantom 2 with GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition micro copter, is well worth taking a look at, not just because its Apple new head quarters, but because there is so much to see about a large site, the set up and most of all the construction at such an early stage. From access, to site layout, to the way certain areas are slightly more advanced than others.

I can, see that the site contractor might want to use this technique to view his site, although I take it that this video was not done with his sanction. It looks like this was done when no one was working, although thats probably why it was done. Still the CPD is worth at least 1/2 hour, with the view of just over 8 mins, plus a couple of re runs to see various sections, and view the mass concrete, plus the very neat site layout, very clean.

The use of these small and relatively cheap little units to view high level construction, inspect roofs, and gutters, flashings and general detail is so good.

But all the same, its well worth the view, at just over 8 mins long, its not going to take up to much time, so enjoy. Take a look at the Gizmodo link I have included, it has several animations of the way the side will ultimately look like, they are excellent .


Scanning Articles

by scays on 31/08/2014

ArcheaologyThis morning, its been a Scanning Articles marathon, by that, I mean I have been looking through that pile of free magazines, sales bunff, and other bits of article I have removed from tabloid papers. The pile has been substantially reduced and Evernote is now the wiser, or I will be, if I ever need the information, and every so often I do need it, as I search in Google, it comes up as a side panel, and shows that I did read something about the subject, and saved it away. I am away soon on hols, my laptop has been banned, but my iPad will be with me on the premise that I use it to read books, of which I have staked it up with a load of free books from Amazon Kindle store, The point here is that I will sync it as I leave and there will be a number of articles ready to read. So thats sunday morning, not a lot going on, just a little work, oh and several new jobs have come in, so a little paperwork to send out, and acknowledge. I have also rsarected an old iPhone 4, stipped it of all but essentials and left plenty of space for photos, my main phone will be used, but only in port, the spair as its now called will be for day to day use, I hate to see a good phone wasted, so this is a good chance to get some use for it, if it’s stollen, there is little on it that will show me or my personal life, the photos will be synced to a flickr account, so not lost.


LongitudeThis might seem a little out of the comfort zone of many Technologists, but hear me out, it has a place in your understanding of detailing.

Just recently, I have read yet again the story of Longitude, and believe me its a great tail of innovation, seatrips, a fierce personal battle with Parliament, and there is the evil megalomaniac well perhaps thats a little strong, but worth it I think, and the Kings intervention.

But back to the plot, John Harrison, the guy who invented the chronograph, the sea going clock that allowed easy calculation of Longitude, created his first clock in timber, and so as not to allow the teeth of the various cogs the snap, he oriented the grain for each cog to radiate from the centre of the cog, giving it the best chance of survival, which they did.

The point I am making here is that when detailing try an consider the grain of the timber your using, and orient it to suite the forces that might be acting on it, and also how it might warp. Careful study of this problem will show that detailing the grain, together with careful fixing, will prevent cracks and unsightly gaps appearing. My CPD is to expand upon this with a series of details I will post later.

It’s difficult to make out, but this link takes you to a site where they discuss the topic of timber clocks, and there grain orientation , the X-ray photo is right at the end of the discuss, which I might add it not bad and worthy of reading.


ZEB (Zero Energy Building) standard,

by scays on 29/08/2014

Star Wars Lego 75053 The GhostI saw this article on Zite last night and immediately started a new project to research this standard, the ZEB (Zero Energy Building) standard.

I can recommend reading the article on Tree hugger, its a good start, but there is so much to go at here.

Most of all its the whole life look at a house. unlike the  the Passivhaus standard, which looks at the use only, I like this approach, and will make it a priority in my CPD.

I did an initial search on Google and the first hit was of course Wiki, the article here is extensive and needs a lot of time to go through it and make notes, so look again for an update on this.

I searched for a photo of one of these houses, and for some reason all I could find was todays picture of Star Wars Lego,,,,, go figure !, but hey, I live both so it stays.


Open BIM & The Design Buro

28 August 2014

I have been on the very edge of The Design Buro’s evolvement into Vectorworks Bim models so I am very pleased to see their video about their move into BIM and hear of there success in this field. BIM has a lot of hope, and so much wrong information written about it, but this video […]

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Designing for incredibly high internal humidity and temperature

28 August 2014

The video below taken from the very excellent Virge site is an example of things to come, if you have seen the way certain areas in the USA have gone to nothing but dust bowls and the same can be said for other major habitable, then this style of growing is going to be common […]

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An Evening with BIM Estimating – exploring 5D BIM for the QS

27 August 2014

I found this video on YouTube recently entitles “An Evening with BIM Estimating – exploring 5D BIM for the QS”, whilst researching a presentation on BIM and its use, not just in our small world of CAD but as we share the information out to the contractor , Engineer and most of all the QS. […]

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Google Slides on the iPad

26 August 2014

I am so pleased, I use Google Docs for almost if not all my writing these days, and that includes my slide preparation for lecture. As I have to move from class to class, its just to difficult to link my laptop to each new system so I can play my slides from Apple Keynote, […]

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Multiple View 3D Sections

25 August 2014

We all use sections, some time we might have several to highlight a particular detail or height, but they are almost always, single section even when viewed in 3D, but I recently found this excellent video of the use of sketch up and a way to use Multiple View 3D Sections via a method called multiple […]

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Surveying for the Architectural Technologist

23 August 2014

If your on the final year Architectural Technologist course @ Birmingham City University you might want to read the first five chapters of the very excellent book “Surveying for Construction” William Irvine & Finlay Maclennan. I have also listed another excellent book below, that will also help. ISBN-10: 0077111141 Amazon It covers the minimum you will […]

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