Google & BIM

by scays on 27/10/2014

One57I worry when I see planning and Architecture being automated, no skill, no artistic flair, no feeling, but you have to watch this video below, its, well its watchable, and has some points to make. Yes I do appreciate that the population numbers are on the increase, yes there is room to use tools like this, but, and but, its lacking is every aspect of design.

The original article and its a longish one, can be found on BIM & Integrated Design, and is so well worth reading, I can easily see 1 hour CPD from the reading and followup, in fact I have spent nearly two hours on just that, watching the video a couple of times and reading the links in the article.

Yes I can see a lot of the population living is large complex high rise flats, and perhaps some of them might be built this way. Yes google might be the company to look at the big data involved, and I can see the way BIM could so easily be the catalyst, and robotic automated building being involved, but it just scares me. Yet I will add this to my google search auto list, I want more. Certainly on The Google X, and Flux

KeenCon 2014: Using Data to Improve the Built Environment from Keen IO on Vimeo.


Email, POPS or IMAP

by scays on 27/10/2014

Why Google GmailIn the days when I used almost 100% Google mail, I just used POPS, it works well, but as I got into Apple I found that UI needed to use IMAP so all devices would update all the time, you might ask, why not just stick to Google well in those days Google did not have an app for the iPhone so Apple it was, and to be honest I just can’t spend the time sorting out my servers and google to switch back.

This does not mean I don’t use Gmail, I make a copy of all mail into gmail, just in case, which happened to help on my recent trip to the black sea , gmail just worked, and although Apple mail did, it was easier to get online with gmail, any system that has maritime in the title is a pain and over complicated, google gmail was easier as it was just a web page.

I just do not understand why carriers and in particular BT make it so difficult, why do I have to send mail via Yahoo !!

If you want more on the two mail formats, POPS and IMAP, then try this site, given the chance again I would not have moved to Apple but started and stayed with Google.

You might ask, whats this to do with CPD, well for me its office based practice, whats best, simple answer anything that does not take time, does not cause conflict, is easy to manage, and I can access on any machine, anytime, and does not require a huge outlay of cash.

my next machine is almost probably going to be a chrome book, apart from Vectorworks most of what I do is Google doc based of cloud based, so why spend so much on a laptop when £350 will get me the best chrome book capable of almost everything I want. Even CAD in the form of Autocad online, not great but ok for simple viewing and management. this frees up my existing Mac for dedicated CAD and Vectorworks. OK at this stage I will switch to Gmail, but not until then.



Hendo – Hoverboard

by scays on 24/10/2014

imgresCan this be real, back to the future becomes reality, the effects on so many things are at stake here, not the car or skateboards, but in the way so many items might change, lifts for instance, and moving platforms, luggage systems at airports, the list goes on and on, and if this is just a proof of concepts, what will happen when the research get going and so many items get refined and reinvented, it will certainly get smaller.

The video shows the proof of concept and also the Kickstarter campaign, I like the way they are showing the model and what it is capable of. But best of all the inventor is an Architect and naturally he will start to work out what this “proof of concept” hoverboard can do within the construction industry, already they talk of earthquake prevention and the like.

The basic physics is centred on Lenz’s law, the link takes you to a Wiki page and shows this is not a pie in the sky technology, its been about for qite a while.

As he says, this is the first time the wheel has had serious competition.



Glue rather than screw or nail

by scays on 23/10/2014

polyeaaurathene glue tubeA spec I learned from an old Architect was to glue and screw a door frame in place, no mention of the glue, he saw it as a filler, relying on the screw for the fixing, and for a long time it worked, but with the advent of some rather strong and powerful glues at our disposal, you have to ask, what place do glues have in our structural library. The answer I am pleased to say is quite a large place.

From the simple fixing of skirting boards, to the sealing and fixing of windows and carpet grips to tiles and the like, good glues are making serious inroads into construction. With a lot of cars now being glued not welded its now time to take a long hard look at whats available and the technical advice we can look at to make design and detail decisions. OK for wall paper and general decorating it’s usualy left to the tradesman, but for the more serious fixing, I think its time to specify based upon trade literature and expert advise.

Things to look at are :

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Waterproof
  • Impact
  • Life span
  • Staining
  • toxicity (Vapour)
  • Fire resistance
  • Fix time

The film below is quite useful, in that it shows the various glue types, its aimed at carpenters but the basic information is correct and worthy of noting.



Detailing for the Architectural Technologist

22 October 2014

On Friday, I will be teaching detailing, the problem is, were to begin, there is so much to learn, the law, materials, sequence of operations, the foibles of CAD, what to show, and how, the use of colour, what works and what does not, Agrement certification, the list goes on. So the first lecture I […]

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Earths Magnetic Field could Flip

21 October 2014

Not that I think it will ver make a great deal of difference to construction, but this article on Gizmodo is rather interesting,. There has been a lot of talk in the technical press re the Earths magnetic pole shifting about a lot in recent years. It now seems there is a chance that it […]

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Design its everything and nothing

21 October 2014

If you have time, watch the interview with Jonny Ives via Vanity Fair, which I show below, its not often he gives interviews so for that reason alone its worth watching, but for me its the hidden message about design that needs to be looked for, time patience and the ability to follow up on even […]

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20 October 2014

I will be taking the first year class for detailing this week, so will be looking at the basics of the art. thats material selection, and height control. I always like to set up a vertical heigh control using a coursing section, showing both blocks and bricks, from this I can set heights of rooms, […]

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Building Regulations a little History

16 October 2014

I have to extend my lecturing in a few weeks to cover the Building Regulations, as far a detailing is concerned, and I thought I would just give some background information on the way construction has been regulated on the years, as far back and Charles II and a little beyond. The use of Local bylaws, […]

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Presentation, some hint and my presentation

15 October 2014

This week, straight back from my hols, I was lecturing, and I was straight in with presentation, and what a drawing should show and why. My presentation notes are below for those of you interested. Its something I feel strongly about, the way we present information, some thought must be put into the drawing, whats […]

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