Hendo – Hoverboard

by scays on 24/10/2014

imgresCan this be real, back to the future becomes reality, the effects on so many things are at stake here, not the car or skateboards, but in the way so many items might change, lifts for instance, and moving platforms, luggage systems at airports, the list goes on and on, and if this is just a proof of concepts, what will happen when the research get going and so many items get refined and reinvented, it will certainly get smaller. The video shows the proof of concept and also the Kickstarter campaign, I like the way they are showing the model and what it is capable of. But best of all the inventor is an Architect and naturally he will start to work out what this "proof of concept" hoverboard can do within the construction industry, already they talk of earthquake prevention and the like. The basic physics is centred on Lenz's law, the link takes you to a Wiki page and shows this is not a pie in the sky technology, its been about for qite a while. As he says, this is the first time the wheel has had serious competition.  


Glue rather than screw or nail

by scays on 23/10/2014

polyeaaurathene glue tubeA spec I learned from an old Architect was to glue and screw a door frame in place, no mention of the glue, he saw it as a filler, relying on the screw for the fixing, and for a long time it worked, but with the advent of some rather strong and powerful glues at our disposal, you have to ask, what place do glues have in our structural library. The answer I am pleased to say is quite a large place. From the simple fixing of skirting boards, to the sealing and fixing of windows and carpet grips to tiles and the like, good glues are making serious inroads into construction. With a lot of cars now being glued not welded its now time to take a long hard look at whats available and the technical advice we can look at to make design and detail decisions. OK for wall paper and general decorating it's usualy left to the tradesman, but for the more serious fixing, I think its time to specify based upon trade literature and expert advise. Things to look at are :
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Waterproof
  • Impact
  • Life span
  • Staining
  • toxicity (Vapour)
  • Fire resistance
  • Fix time
The film below is quite useful, in that it shows the various glue types, its aimed at carpenters but the basic information is correct and worthy of noting.  


Mechanical celestial globe, 1575On Friday, I will be teaching detailing, the problem is, were to begin, there is so much to learn, the law, materials, sequence of operations, the foibles of CAD, what to show, and how, the use of colour, what works and what does not, Agrement certification, the list goes on. So the first lecture I will give is to look at the building regs, the makeup, why they are there, a little history, the role of the approve documents, and above all, whats in them, plus whats not in them, ie some of the tables, they will need, span tables and the like, its will take some time, but I want to get it clear. The next item, and one I think should receive more attention, is whats worked already, and what has not, there is no web site to show failures, but existing buildings are there, waiting for you to walk past them and take note of failures, and success. I used to do a lot of testing of insulation, putting boards on exposed roofs to see what happened, bonding them to other materials and testing them in freeze thaw machines to test the bond and material strength, but real life is already doing it, and you only have to walk down a street to see it, and in some cases, the tests have been ongoing for 200 or more years. So I will be taking my new 1st year students on a walk, to show them materials in use, and asking them to note whats good and bad, plus how the construction was put together. I expect them to take a lot of notes, both n their day books, the mobile phone all seem to have, and I want them to get to know Evernote. Todays photo is of a mechanical sun path globe, no real point to make, just interesting  


Earths Magnetic Field could Flip

by scays on 21/10/2014

Lake Superior AuroraNot that I think it will ver make a great deal of difference to construction, but this article on Gizmodo is rather interesting,. There has been a lot of talk in the technical press re the Earths magnetic pole shifting about a lot in recent years. It now seems there is a chance that it might flip or move to the south pole, the question you have to ask is so what, after all we all use GPS and I have not use a magnetic compass in a long time not to survey, or even navigate, although I have to admit to having a small compass in my survey kit, and I don't think the magnetic field has much to do with satellites. The real worry might be in the effects on the Earths protection from the sun if it did flip, which I take differently to just slowly moving, does the spin alter, dow we get more radiation, not enough information, but there again although the geologist tell us it has happened before, we have no past information on the cause and effect. Still interesting story and one worth watching fora while. The photo in this article is of the  aurora borealis, which you may recall is the effect of the suns energy following the Earths magnetic shield and showing as light dancing about, I have never seen it, but I'm told its nice. I have added some links to other similar article, for followup.


Design its everything and nothing

21 October 2014

If you have time, watch the interview with Jonny Ives via Vanity Fair, which I show below, its not often he gives interviews so for that reason alone its worth watching, but for me its the hidden message about design that needs to be looked for, time patience and the ability to follow up on even […]

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20 October 2014

I will be taking the first year class for detailing this week, so will be looking at the basics of the art. thats material selection, and height control. I always like to set up a vertical heigh control using a coursing section, showing both blocks and bricks, from this I can set heights of rooms, […]

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Building Regulations a little History

16 October 2014

I have to extend my lecturing in a few weeks to cover the Building Regulations, as far a detailing is concerned, and I thought I would just give some background information on the way construction has been regulated on the years, as far back and Charles II and a little beyond. The use of Local bylaws, […]

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Presentation, some hint and my presentation

15 October 2014

This week, straight back from my hols, I was lecturing, and I was straight in with presentation, and what a drawing should show and why. My presentation notes are below for those of you interested. Its something I feel strongly about, the way we present information, some thought must be put into the drawing, whats […]

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Life After a Three Week Cruise

14 October 2014

There is no doubt in my mind, spend three weeks on a good cruise ship and you will put on weight, spend far to much on alcohol, and make so many new friends, and thats exactly what happened to me, after three weeks on the Queen Victoria, travelling from Southampton to Istanbull and back. The […]

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7 New Materials That Could Change How Our Buildings Act

30 September 2014

The title today is one I have taken from a Gizmodo article “7 New Materials That Could Change How Our Buildings Act”, its not ground breaking, but it makes you sit back and think, about how materials might evolve. Certasinly I like the idea of building more with Bambo, it just bloody strong, and the […]

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